Today I want to share all 24 of my secret staging tips that will help you sell your home quickly and for top dollar.

Here are my 24 secret staging guidelines that will help your home sell quickly, for top dollar, and with the least amount of stress:

1. Remove all unnecessary furniture from the interior. This will make the inside look as big as possible, like a model home.

2. Let in as much natural light as possible—don’t block or cover any of your windows.

3. Move furniture away from room corners so those rooms look bigger in pictures. How your home looks online will prompt buyers to want to visit it in person.

4. Pack away all your knicknacks.

5. Remove any centerpieces from any tables. This is another tip that will help make a room look bigger.

6. Remove any personal photos, including those hanging from the walls.

7. Clear out your closets of any clothes that aren’t in season. This will emphasize their size and depth, and you won’t be needing those out-of-season clothes anyway.

8. Have your home professionally cleaned.

9. Repaint everything. For the interior, try an off-white or a beige color. This is a cheap, easy tip that will bring you a large return, and it also brings us to our next tip…

10. Remove any wallpaper. Wallpaper just isn’t “in” right now.

11. Wash the inside and outside of your windows.

12. Put the boxes you used to pack everything up in storage.

13. Clear everything out of your attic.

14. Spruce up your front door area. First impressions are very important.

15. Clean and fix up your garage. The better your garage looks, the higher the price your home will sell at.

16. Clean and fix up your basement. Make it look as spotless as your kitchen. If need be, repaint the walls while you’re at it.

17. Clean off your water heater.

18. Make your kitchen look squeaky clean. Also, clear off the countertops, the tops of your cabinets, and the face of your refrigerator.

19. Make your bathrooms look squeaky clean. Additionally, declutter your shower areas, organize vanity mirrors, and remove any shelving units.

20. Neutralize your home’s decorating theme. In other words, remove anything that will make the home non-duplicatable.

21. Don’t overdecorate. You don’t stage a home to decorate it—you stage it to sell it.

22. Set the mood. Turn on all the lights and have some soft music playing.

23. Spruce up your home’s whole exterior. Mulch all of the flower beds, trim the bushes, repair any cracked sidewalks/walkways, etc.

24. Make sure your electrical system is safe. Cap all loose wires, replace any frayed cable wires, and be prepared to install GFI receptacles within six feet of water.

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