What is the Cardano Realtors’ room-by-room review? Learn more about it right here.

Like many people who attend our seminars, you might be wondering what our ‘room-by-room review’ actually constitutes and why you should get one if you’re not planning to sell for at least three to five years. Today, let me demonstrate how important it is to learn what you don’t know about selling and staging a home.

A room-by-room review is a free 30-minute appointment where we send out a listing specialist to evaluate your home’s current saleability. The agent will be able to give you tips on staging, paint colors, and decluttering.

“Give your home a chance to shine and get top dollar by scheduling your free room-by-room review.”

This review is like having a real estate doctor make a house call for your home. Some home seller seminar graduates aren’t aware of how important it is to take advantage of this opportunity months or even years ahead of when they plan to sell. 

Some people may think their home isn’t ready for this sort of room-by-room review, but the point is that it doesn’t have to be. This review can help sellers put together a plan of action. The agent who assists you will look past any clutter to let you know where you should begin, and how to concentrate your efforts moving forward.

Give your home a chance to shine and get top dollar by scheduling your free room-by-room review. We’ve been doing this service for years, and we have tons of testimonials from seller seminar graduates who were able to sell with 26 days or less. 

Pat Ingram is one of these happy sellers. She initially didn’t quite agree with some of my ideas, but once she implemented them, she was able to sell in just three days.

To see just how well this service can work for you, go to www.FreeRoomByRoom.com to schedule an appointment.

If you have any other questions or would like more information, feel free to give me a call or send me an email.