Prepare to sell with a room-by-room review. You’ll learn what (and what not) to do to get your home ready for listing.

Things are about to get hectic; Thanksgiving is just around the corner with Christmas and New Year’s following quickly after. And if you’re wanting to sell your home soon, the craziness just keeps piling up! 

Instead of thinking about everything you’re going to need to do in the future, focus on what you can do now. Today we’ll be talking about how a room-by-room review is important for making sure your home is completely ready when you decide to list. 

You’ll begin by meeting with your marketing expert to receive a room-by-room booklet and begin getting your home ready. You’ll find out how to rearrange, what to paint, and when to call a professional. The staging ideas provided are key to having your home prepared for when you go to sell.

“Don’t invest any money that you won’t get back out.”

If you want to sell in spring, now’s the time to do your room-by-room preparation. You can get my guide at, and with it you can even review home inspection lists. With this, we can narrow down what you need to focus on so you don’t invest any money that you won’t get back out. Don’t start renovations thinking it will add value without looking at this guide.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, and if you’re thinking of getting ready to sell, reach out to me and we can discuss how to get everything prepared. I look forward to hearing from you.