As expert real estate consultants, our goal is to give you the best home buying or selling experience possible.

What does it mean to us to be an expert real estate consultant in today’s market? Today’s message will answer that question for you. 

There may be strong evidence that in 1908, the National Association of Realtors was founded to help guide consumers through the process of buying and selling real estate. 

“A Realtor back when I was 9, 10 years old working in my father’s office was really a facilitator,” says Stan Casacio, broker and co-owner of Cardano Realtors  “He just basically put buy and seller together. He was the one that was the informational highway for a neighborhood.”

Back then, people would walk into a Realtor’s office, sit down, and ask what was for sale. For their part, the Realtor had books of listed homes for sale they then had to sift through. In just 20 years, things have changed so much in our industry, but I feel that Realtor’s haven’t changed with the times. 

Today’s real estate market is a battlefield, so you need a good general to guide you through it. 91% of homebuyers search for homes online nowadays. We don’t get phone calls from them that often. Instead, we get emails and texts. On the seller’s side of things, I’ve been staging homes and taking listing pictures since 1993, but now I get to showcase them on thousands of websites.

“Here at Cardano Realtors, we manage the process.”

What I love about working with my clients is taking them through the process from start to finish. They’re looking to get through it with all their limbs attached, otherwise they’ll lose thousands of dollars and get eaten by the “sharks.”

I also love when they want a savvy Realtor. The modern Realtor is always thinking outside of the box and discovering new ways to get their message out to the word and get the best deals possible for their buyers and sellers. Here at Cardano Realtors, we manage the process. From the day the client walks out of the elevator to the day they close on a deal, we make sure we maximize their profit and give them the best experience possible. 

We’re able to do this because the systems we use are the same for each client. More importantly, though, we enjoy the relationships we have with our clients, and we want to bring you into our family so you can see for yourself. 

If you have any questions or real estate needs, don’t hesitate to give us a call or send us an email. I’d love to help you.