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By Diane Cardano-Casacio

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Have you ever considered that clutter is more than just stuff? It’s a silent stressor, stealing our peace and space and turning our homes into sources of anxiety. Every year, millions find themselves drowning in possessions, crowding their homes and minds. Imagine moving to a new home without the emotional, physical, and financial costs of carrying unused items. Stick with me as we break down a pro’s plan to declutter effectively and prepare for a fresh start with less baggage.

Check out the video or skip to each timestamp provided below:

0:00 — Introduction

1:30 — Planning & scheduling

2:25 — Ideas for scheduling

2:39 — Themed sessions

3:32 — Long term project

4:56 — Acknowledging your feelings

5:10 — Positive outcomes

7:15 — Common decluttering categories to consider

8:38 — New homes for your unwanted items

11:22 — One step decluttering

11:36 — Four-box system

12:13 — Consider your needs

12:25 — Bonus tip

12:50 — Wrapping up

Reclaim your space, reduce your stress, and start fresh with a clutter-free life. If you have any questions, feel free to call!

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