Join me for an informative online home seller seminar this April. Here’s all the information you need to know.

America always overcomes adversity, and in adversity, there is always opportunity. In these challenging times, homeowners are wondering how the virus outbreak affects the value of their homes. They are also wondering whether it’s a good time to put their home on the market.

On April 4, 2020, at 9 a.m., I will be holding a virtual home seller seminar answering these questions and many more. The market was hot before the virus; there was low inventory and the interest rates were very low. We would see 30 to 60 people coming to an open house. Now, there are no homes coming on the market, but there are still many buyers who want to take advantage of the low rates and purchase a home.

The demand is high—people need and want to move. How safe is it right now for a home seller to open their doors to prospective homebuyers?  How can home sellers limit unwarranted foot traffic coming into their homes? These are examples of questions I’ll answer in the seminar. We have put together a strategy that only allows for five-star buyers to come into our client’s home.

“I think home values will remain the same as they would have without the outbreak.”

What is a five-star buyer? They have all five of these characteristics:

  • They are looking to buy in the next three to four months
  • They are financially able to purchase in your home’s price range 
  • They are committed to buying a home 
  • They are looking in the immediate neighborhood of your home 
  •  They are friendly, cooperative, and want someone to help them

So what is going to happen to the value of your home? I think home values will remain the same as they would have without the outbreak, or even higher. The first people to come on the market this spring will capture the eyes of the buyers first. Once buyers are allowed out of their homes to preview other ones, they will be hungry to purchase and will do whatever it takes to buy. 

Therefore, I would be ready to put your home up as “Coming Soon” as many as 21 days before this market opens for business. It is predicted that we will be ready to leave our homes in three weeks, so now is the time!

At the seminar, I will also go over many of my tips that are necessary in this market to capture the eyes of eager buyers who are just waiting for homes to come on the market. You will learn about my eight Strategies, especially the Pre-Home Inspection Strategy, our Room-by-Room Strategy and all of our top marketing strategies.

Lastly, we will give each online seminar attendee an autographed copy of my “Home Selling Sharks” book. You can register at, or call us at 215-576-8666 extension 2.

As always, reach out if you have any questions regarding this or other real estate topics. We’re here to help!